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The marriage counseling we provide is free as a marriage counseling ministry to those who are in need of marriage counseling. Many are providing counseling for those with marriage problems but there is no marriage truth or counseling success record because their marriage counseling is based upon psychology (a religion) rather than the inerrant word of Yahweh (God) יהוה. Our marriage counseling has helped restore the marriage of visitors from nearly 50 countries around the world who are seeking counseling for their broken marriage. Let our marriage counseling ministers share the alive and powerful word of Yahweh יהוה with you today!

Ministry Overview

Who we are

Marriage Healing International™ is a Scriptural ministry dedicated to helping individuals draw closer to Yahweh יהוה (God) through sound doctrine, study of the inerrant Word of Yahweh יהוה and time alone with Him in prayer. We are a covenant marriage movement ministry and believe in Yahweh's יהוה power to bring about total marriage restoration. If you are experiencing marriage trouble or the threat of divorce, please take a moment to submit a prayer request via the link at the left. We invite you to download the detailed overview of our ministry at this link and send to anyone you know by e-mail.

What we do

Marriage Healing International™ uses various computer and internet technologies as well as other means to reach people for Yahushua יהשוע (Jesus). We minister the Word of Yahweh חהוה and let the Holy Spirit do the teaching. We believe that a ministry can be known by it's fruit as Yahushua יהשוע said... and you can examine our fruit by reading the testimonies of others, obtaining our materials and by subscribing to the PRAISE NEWS™. Our primary goals are leading people to the Son of Yahweh יהוה and restoration, reconciliation and healing of marriages and families.

What we believe

We believe that marriage is a covenant ordained by Yahweh יהוה and in partnership with Him. Our beliefs can be examined here. We believe Yahushua יהשוע is the way to marriage restoration and marriage healing.

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